What Makes Waddle House Special? 



1.This home is fully automated

including heating controls 


2.Multi room and external music functionality are fully integrated



3.Waddle House can be controlled from anywhere in the world, via the App



4.Waddle House has external CCTV, viewable anywhere in the world



5.There is a full auto dial alarm system with cocoon mode




6.Weather Station

Internal and external weather station

Memorises highs and lows

Time date alarm features  



7. A variety of one touch quick shopping buttons

Press the dash button and the item is delivered to your door within 24hrs

100’s of day to day products to choose from



8.Super long range Wi-Fi meshed network giving a Wi-Fi range of up to 1km

4 layer security protocols 



9.Key fire alarm points are fully linked though both the alarm and the autodial system



10.Multi option wiring